When we put our home on the market to attract potential buyers, we have only two objectives: to get the house sold quickly and earn the price we have in mind.

Before you actually start decluttering to achieve a neat and clean appearance, it is a good idea to hold a yard sale to earn some extra cash and get rid of the things you don’t need at the same time. You can use this cash for buying some storage products and solutions, to be used when you start the actual process of clearing away the area.

One of the most important steps in staging your home for sale is to clear up the mess and get rid of extra furniture, old decorative stuff, unused kitchen appliances, and piles of books and newspapers. Some people only do this step and along with repainting their house and they manage to get a really good price.

It is true that decluttering can greatly improve the appearance of your home but what people fear is how to go about doing it. Clearing everything out is easy when all you need to do is throw the useless items out. But it is definitely not easy when you have to put away certain things for future use and store the essentials, just to clear away some space.

Let’s find out how you can declutter the entire house effortlessly and quickly, to take staging your home to the next level and be successful in selling it at a price you have in mind.   

Clearing Everything Out

The best strategy is go room by room, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living, dining and the kitchen in order to keep it simple and not to miss out anything.

Decluttering the kitchen is one major activity though and that is why it has been explained in a separate chapter. Here we will discuss how to declutter your rooms and arrange the essentials neatly so that they don’t make your home look like a mess.

But before you start clearing out items from the bedrooms, bathrooms and living area, it is a good idea to look at the exterior of your home. This include the garage, driveway, porch, and garden or lawn. Declutter these areas first and then move indoors. Place all your tools in a box and store them away in the attic.

Get rid of any empty car oil bottles or cans. Remember to bring minimalism to the entire area by either throwing useless items out or storing the ones you don’t need at least for the time being in some storage area till the time you move.  


  • You don’t want out-of-season clothes to clutter your cupboards, sofas, and chairs. As a first step, pack all these unwanted clothes in boxes or suitcases and put them away.
  • Find affordable organizers to place in drawers and cupboards to organize your jewelry, toiletries, undergarments, and other items neatly to clear away some storage space.
  • Take unnecessary wall hangings down and store them.
  • If you have kid at home, sort through their toy collection and keep only the ones they play with. Pack the others in boxes and store them somewhere in the attic or under the bed.


  • Remove all unnecessary items from the shelves and keep only those that are required on a daily basis, like toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Sort through prescription medicines to keep only those that are important.
  • Buy a hanging bag or organizer for toiletries to neatly arrange them.
  • Get rid of old shampoo, body wash, and lotion bottles. Keep only the essentials and if you need other items neatly place them on shelves or racks.